Client - Chaining

HT allows you to chain service calls, essentially allowing you to directly pass the result of one function call to another one.

To start a chaining call, just call Client#chain() as many times as you wish, passing in the relevant service/method/data.

Once you have your ‘chained’ calls setup, execute them by calling Client#end().


client.chain('service', 'echo', 'olleh')
      .chain('service', 'reverse') // will use the result from the previous call as data input
      .chain('service2', 'addstring', ' world') // explicitly set data for this call
      .end(function (err, result) {
        console.log(result) // -> "hello world"

Sequential Calls

When you chain calls back-to-back to the same service, HT automatically optimises this and turns them into a single call.