HT Schema

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Hudson Taylor supports adding schemas to both incoming, and outgoing data. Doing this lets you have peace of mind about the data you’re going to be processing, and also lets you automatically generate documentation for methods!

Protip: you do not have to use ht-schema for schemas, you can use Joi, JSON Schema or even write your own bindings to another validation library!


Although ht-schema is not bundled with Hudson-Taylor by default, it is highly recommended that you use it.

To install:

npm install ht-schema --save

Using ht-schema with Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor has built-in support for ht-schema, you can utilize it by passing a schema object as the second argument to a service.on call.


var schema = s.Object({
  numberOne: s.Number(),
  numberTwo: s.Number()

service.on('echo', schema, ...)

Using ht-schema standalone

You can also use this library as a standalone validation library!

Each validator has a validate method that will either return data if the validation passes, or will throw if it fails.


var schema = s.Number()

var out = schema.validate(5)

console.log(out) // 5

schema.validate('hello') // throws